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HP 601 Introduction to Historic Preservation ​

Fall 2018

Live, 8 students

This was the first time I taught HP 601 Introduction to Historic Preservation in the live format. In addition to the MHP students, the class also had students from Architecture and Interiors as well as history and education. Students were expected to participate in weekly class discussions on a variety of topics related to historic preservation ranging from history and theory to social justice (e.g. gentrification, climate justice, representation, etc.). Additionally, they were asked to write an academic book review which situated the work in the broader field of preservation, an advocacy piece (an op-ed or letter to government official) supporting some preservation effort, and a final article on a preservation topic of their choice. The final article was proposed through the submission of an abstract at the start of the semester, continued with the submission on an annotated bibliography, and ended with a final paper and presentation. 

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