HP 601 Introduction to Historic Preservation

Summer 2018

Online, 9 students

Although HP 601 Introduction to Historic Preservation has been taught online before this was the first time I have offered the course and the first time it has been offered during the summer. For the course, I created an entirely new Canvas shell, new assignments, and weekly discussion boards. Students in the class ranged in experience from engineers working on preservation projects to students at other institutions seeking preservation education not offered at their universities. The course provides students an overview of the history and theory of preservation, its relation to allied professions, and the changing nature of the field in relation to social, environment, and economic  justice. Over the course of the semester, students were asked to participate in weekly discussion boards, complete an academic book review, an advocacy piece, and an article or other "project" (e.g. grant application, survey, etc.) relating to preservation. 

Examples of what students have accomplished through completing their assignments students include the following:

  • Letter to the Editor published in a California newspaper

  • Grant completed for student's final project funded

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