HP 602

Historic Preservation Law

HP Law seeks to help students gain sufficient knowledge participate in legal discussions surrounding saving buildings, landscapes, culturally significant objects, and intangible cultural heritage. Preservation law encompasses a number practice areas including, but not limited to land use and zoning, real property, local government, constitutional, administrative, and environmental law as well as the conservation of archaeological resources. The goal of this course is to assist non-lawyers in understanding laws, policies, and procedures and how they impact professional practice as preservationists, planners, archaeologists, and other conservation-related fields. 

Historic Preservation Law was first created in 2010 for an adjunct position held at Cornell University. It was modified in 2013 when it was first offered online at the University of Kentucky. The first years that the course was offered at UK, students participated in weekly live classes offered via a videoconferencing website. It was eventually converted to an asynchronous class to be offered on the Canvas learning management system. What follows is the most recent syllabus for the class, sample course content, sample student work, and links to the pages containing semester-specific information.

Sample Syllabus: HP 602 Syllabus 2019

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