HP 617 Historic Preservation Planning ​

Spring 2018

Live, 5 students

This was the first time I taught HP 617 Historic Preservation Planning. All students in the course were second-year MHPs. Students in the course were asked to complete a number of assignments. A book review was assigned to allow students to gain a more in depth understanding of a topic of their choice relating to preservation planning. Additionally, assignments requiring research and assessment of various aspects of preservation plans at the city, neighborhood, and site level required students gain an understanding of the elements of and process of creating preservation plans.The final project was changed from prior offerings in that students were asked to assess and create a preservation plan for a building or site of their choice. The students selected Bowman Hall as a place of personal and historic significance.


Students, through completing their final project, created the following:

  • An assessment and set of recommendations for the preservation and use of Bowman Hall.

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