Statement of Service

My professional and university service are reflective of the idea that advocacy is central to the social, environmental, and economic justice issues addressed in my research and teaching as well as to historic preservation in general. Although publication in the field contributes to the body of knowledge, I strongly believe in the obligation to be of actual service those individuals and communities that are the subject of my study. My work relating to monuments and memorialization, for example, was used to aid the Takeback Cheapside organization and my contributions to ABA policy will be used to help the organization advocate for vulnerable populations disproportionately impacted by environmental contamination and natural disasters.


I have been a member in good standing of the Maryland Bar Association since 2002 and the Florida Bar since 2003. In order to maintain my connections to the legal profession now that I am no longer a practicing attorney I serve on a number of American Bar Association committees of the American Bar Association. Because of my background in environmental law, my service to the ABA focuses on issues of environmental justice, water resources, and species conservation. The majority of my recent work has been for the Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice, Environmental Justice Committee. At the start of 2018 I was appointed as a Co-Chair of this committee. In additional to serving in an administrative capacity (e.g., writing reports, conducting meetings, recruiting new members, etc.), I have also played a large role in creating educational opportunities for members of the ABA on issues such as climate justice, Native American sovereignty, and natural resource exploitation. I have also moderated several panels (live and online) and have been working towards drafting policy papers in support of creating updated ABA policy on environmental justice as well as new policy on disaster response. Finally, in cooperation with the Committee and my co-chair, I participated in the creation of a limited series on sustainable development and legal practice.


My work with the ABA also reaches out to the Section of the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources. On this Section’s Water Resources Committee I have served in the capacity as an editor and contributor to the Year In Review publication since 2010. I also hold the position of Vice-Chair for the Section on International Law, Animal Law committee. My interests in this particular position came about as a result of participation in continuing legal education programs on wildlife trafficking and marine protected areas -- both subjects that align closely with cultural heritage issues. As Vice-Chair I have overseen the design and editing of the Committee newsletter, contributed to the Newsletter, and the Committee’s section of the Year in Review.


My interest in promoting the ideas behind sustainability have also been reflected in my service on the Provost’s Faculty Sustainability Council. This group seeks to further the goals of better incorporating sustainability into teaching and research at the University of Kentucky. My interest in creating a graduate certificate in sustainability studies led to my being asked to participate in the FSC. Since joining the group in Spring 2018, I have contributed to the discussion on creating a university-wide graduate certificate, drafted content on other institutions’ programs in the field to be included in the FSC’s Final Report to the President and Provost, and co-wrote a proposal with Dr. Krista Jacobsen for funding for the creation of an online graduate certificate. Although the online certificate was not funded, my work with the FSC and the discussions surrounding the creation of the program will continue.